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Employees in the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 19115 office

Today marks 9 years since Varsovians are able to have round the clock contact with the Warsaw City Hall. The launch of the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 19115 was an innovative project in 2013. It is still a model for active communication with residents in public administration.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working 3 shifts, the team of consultants handle 5 channels of contact through which inquiries come in. These are: telephone, a mobile app, a website, chat, and e-mail.

Since its inception, the Center has serviced 4 667 963 inquiries, out of which1 997 066 were questions asked by residents, and 2 326 031 were inquiries concerning emergencies and interventions. During the Center’s nine-year history, inquiries concerning emergencies and interventions constituted 50,7%, and information requests are 41,8% of contacts with Warszawa 19115.

Nearly all of the information requests, i.e. the questions asked by residents, are answered by consultants who use the continuously updated knowledge base created in the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 19115, which contains over 2000 informational articles, concerning administrative procedures, and current information regarding the activities and offer of Warsaw’s local government.

Most frequent inquiries

Through Warszawa 19115, citizens inform officials of matters which municipal services should take care of. Incorrectly parked vehicles, public transport routes, damaged road infrastructure, devastated vegetation, or garbage on the city streets, are the main problems reported by residents. Thanks to an efficiently functioning IT platform, these inquiries are transferred in real-time to Warsaw’s local government according to competences. Every matter is given an individual number, thanks to which the resident can track the progress of their inquiry.

Telephone or smartphone?

Intervention inquiries most often come in via the mobile app. This particular communication channel is a growth leader in usage statistics.

In 2014, the application was used by 5,6%, and in 2022, as much as 22,6% of users.

However, the role of the telephone is decreasing. It is currently used by 60% of people contacting Warszawa 191145, with that figure being nearly 86% in 2014. Over the phone, consultants mainly receive information requests.

A turbulent start to the 2020s

Recent years have been a particular challenge. In 2020 and 2021, faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, due to a significant limitation on face-to-face service in offices and districts, the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 19115 was at the front line of contact with citizens. During that time, the knowledge base concerning the legal status and the City Hall’s actions related to the pandemic was continuously developed. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, information was regularly provided on all changes, regulations and events concerning the pandemic, which made the lives of Varsovians significantly easier. Since April 2021, the Center also took over telephone handling of tax-related matters, which has significantly influenced the number of information requests.

Since the start of war in Ukraine, and thus, since the number of that country’s citizens arriving to Warsaw has been increasingly rising, the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 19115 began work on building an Ukrainian language offer.

In the first stage of works, the website has launched a subpage For Citizens of Ukraine, with the most important information in both Polish and Ukrainian.

At the same time, work has continued on employing people with command of Ukrainian, apart from speaking Polish, who would handle these contact channels for Warsaw 19115. The first Ukrainian-speaking people have been hired as early as the 7th of March. Since the 1st of May, services are provided in a 24/7 mode.

Changes for the better

Further modifications to the free of charge Warszawa 19115 application in the year 2022, including a function reminding of the garbage collection dates, highly awaited by residents. Using the Garbage Collection Schedule function, users can not only check the garbage collection dates at the given address, but also set reminders of those dates.

Through the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 1995, residents can also use the Warsaw Notification System (PL- Warszawski System Powiadomień), which allows Varsovians to receive regular information in the categories and city areas they choose. As of today, over 12,5 thousand of such notifications have been sent.

In the upcoming years, the Municipal Contact Center Warszawa 1995 plans further improvements in communication with residents and modernization of its IT infrastructure.