Fall in love with the Vistula boulevard!

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Fall in love with the Vistula boulevard!
Fall in love with the Vistula boulevard!

Last weekend (17-18 June) swarms of people came to Warsaw's boulevards. The section from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to Karowa Street, opened on Wednesday 16 June, attracted nearly 100,000 Warsaw residents and tourists.

“This is the most beautiful boulevard in Europe and one of the most attractive places in our city. We have created a place where residents can escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and actively spend their leisure time outdoors in pleasant surroundings. The last few days have shown that the new boulevard enjoys huge popularity among Warsaw residents and tourists alike, and we are very glad of that,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

The long weekend by the Vistula demonstrated that the Vistula boulevard will become a regular must-see among Warsaw’s leisure sites and a true heart of the city, especially in the summer. The 800-metre long section of the Vistula promenade was filled with leisurely conversation and smiling faces. Riverside stairs, stone benches, beach chairs on the sand and terraces overlooking the river were all crowded by visitors.

The boulevards provide a friendly space for families with children who turned out in large numbers. A water playground with fish decorations and fountains, and a range of springboards for active leisure was a pleasant surprise for children. Notably, in addition to numerous other attractions, the wharf is strewn with rich greenery. About 30 several-metre-high hornbeams and seven lindens grow within the new section alone, accompanied by thousands of shrubs.

This part of the boulevard features an amphitheatre. It is here that the beginning of the holiday season was welcomed at the opening weekend with a number of attractions and concerts enjoyed by Warsaw residents. The residents come here on foot and also by bicycle, as a new cycle path has been opened. Cycle racks have also been installed