Extra patrols sent out to Warsaw streets again

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Extra patrols sent out to Warsaw streets again
Extra patrols sent out to Warsaw streets again

The City of Warsaw has entered into an agreement with the Warsaw Police Headquarters about extra patrol duties in 2020. The extra patrols will be funded from the City’s own income.

Under the agreement, Warsaw allocated PLN 5 million for extra police patrols. This sum is enough to finance 21,740 patrol duties.
The patrols will be sent to the most dangerous places in Warsaw, as identified by local residents as part of the city-wide programme “Safe District”. In addition to local residents, district group meetings are attended by police officers, Municipal Guard officers, and Warsaw City Office representatives. On average, each month they identify about 130 sites, which are placed under additional special surveillance by the Warsaw Police Headquarters officers.
When a site becomes safer, patrols are sent to some other location, as identified by local residents.

Last year, extra patrol duties helped catch 209 perpetrators of various crimes and offences, 49,641 people had their IDs checked, 24,529 people were cautioned, and as many as 15,094 offences were fined. These most dangerous locations benefit from the mere presence of uniformed policemen and policewomen.

Financial support for Warsaw’s police
For years, the City has continuously and consistently planned and implemented programmes to improve safety, including financial support for the police, to make Warsaw one of the safest cities in Poland. According to “Barometr Warszawski,” a local survey, as many as 92% of respondents feel safe walking around their neighbourhood after dark, and 91% believe their area to be safe and peaceful. This level of safety has continued for years.

In 2020, the City Hall plans to provide PLN 5,800,200 as funding for the police to be allocated for extra patrol duties (PLN 5,000,200), financial rewards (PLN 300,000), and the upkeep of horses serving in the mounted police, the purchase of equipment for horses, riders, and police dogs (PLN 500,000).