Extended tram route in Białołęka

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Extended tram route in Białołęka. Fot. R.Motyl
Extended tram route in Białołęka. Fot. R.Motyl

On 27 February, at 4:27 a.m., the first tram travelled from Nowodwory to the Młociny underground station. It took tram number two 14 minutes to reach the end of the extended route.

We are consistent in developing Warsaw's tram network,” says Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, “The route will be extended to Modlińska St., and we are also preparing for the construction of a route to “the Green Białołęka”.

The trams of the special N line were the first to appear on the route on Sunday - the passengers enjoyed a trip by the historic K-type tram (rolling stock number 445, the so-called “Berlinka” of 1940). Trams run every 4 minutes in the rush hours, every 6 minutes outside the rush hours, and every 7.5 on holidays on the extended route since Monday, 27th February. During the rush hours, tram number 2 will additionally run on a shorter route from Metro Młociny to Tarchomin Kościelny, every 8 minutes. In the common section of the route (Metro Młociny – Tarchomin Kościelny) trams arrive at the stops every 2-4 minutes during the rush hours.

The tram connection between Białołeka and the Młociny underground was developed in stages. The first section, from the Stare Świdry stop, was opened together with the Maria Skłodowska-Curie bridge in January 2013. The second one, reaching the Tarchomin Kościelny loop, was completed in December 2014. The third section to the Nowodwory loop was opened today. The trackway along the entire route in Białołęka is grassy, with new pavements, cycle paths and traffic lights along the tracks. In addition, roads were redeveloped and new greenery appeared.

The City is planning the tram route to the Winnica loop near Modlińska St. The trams will reach there in the second quarter of 2019. An interchange junction is planned here, similar to the one in Młociny with a tram and bus loop and Park&Ride facilities.