The European Committee of the Regions

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The European Committee of the Regions is an advisory body to the EU. Owing to this institution, regions and cities can have a formal say in the EU lawmaking process, ensuring that the position and needs of local and regional authorities are taken into account.

In December 2019, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski was elected member of the Committee of the Regions for the seventh term.

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The European Committee of the Regions is a body made up of elected local and regional representatives from all 27 Member States.

Through the Committee of the Regions, they have the opportunity to exchange opinions on EU legislation which directly affects regions and cities.

Each country nominates its members, who are appointed for a renewable five-year term by the EU Council. The number of members from each country depends on a given country's population.

Organisation of the work

The Committee of the Regions appoints a rapporteur (one of its members), who consults the party concerned and makes an opinion.

The opinion text is discussed and adopted by the commission of the Committee of the Regions responsible for a given policy area. The opinion is then submitted to all members for a vote at the plenary session, where it is amended and approved.

Finally, the commonly agreed opinion is forwarded to all EU institutions concerned. Up to six plenary sessions are held per year, during which opinions on 50 to 80 EU legislative proposals are approved.