Equal treatment

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In Warsaw, activities in the sphere of ensuring equal treatment are addressed to all residents. In particular, to minority groups, persons experiencing discrimination or at risk of discrimination.

  1. The city commissions to non-governmental organisations the tasks of providing legal advice and psychological counselling to persons in need of support.
  2. The City is financing the operations of the Multicultural Centre, as a place for an open multicultural dialogue for immigrants and local community. It also supports cross-cultural and civic integration of Warsaw residents.
  3. The Mayor of Warsaw is implementing measures for the equal treatment of women, for instance, he appointed the Plenipotentiary for Women and the Warsaw Women Council.
  4. The Plenipotentiary for Women is responsible for implementing the City's policy for women. She has influence on:
  • activities related to the access of women to medical services in Warsaw,
  • activities concerning the promotion of women's employment and improvement of their vocational activity; equal rights and opportunities of women and men, i.a. equal salary for the same work and the equal treatment of women in all spheres of life;
  • activities aimed at challenging gender-related stereotypes;
  • activities aimed at protecting women from violence.
  1. The Warsaw Women Council is evaluating the activities taken in Warsaw in relation of equality and respect for women's rights, including the family policy, the issues of the availability of healthcare, protection against violence, vocational activity and equal treatment in all spheres of life. The Council analyses Warsaw policies in terms of women's needs, initiates and supports actions, campaigns and programmes raising social awareness of women’s rights. The most important areas of the Council's operations are:
  • violence towards women,
  • gender pay gap,
  • health (mental and reproductive health).
  1. The City also commissions to non-governmental organisations the delivery of other projects, i.a. Those related to the support for municipal institutions in the implementation of principles of equal treatment and respect for diversity.
  2. City officers are currently working on a document resulting from the #Warszawa 2030 Strategy, entitled “The City of Warsaw Social Diversity Policy.” It is to be an expressions and a guarantee that in Warsaw we want to create conditions for the respect for dignity, freedom and equality of all individuals and social groups.
  3. The City is cooperating with non-governmental organisations acting for equal treatment. The Social Communication Centre incorporates a Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Equal Treatment.