Electronic Guide UEFA EURO 2012

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Every fan and tourist who appearsin Warsaw during UEFA EURO 2012™ is going to have numerous questions concerning moving around the capital city, how to get to a certain place and what attractions have been prepared for them.

All the answers to questions concerning other host cities will be given by an electronic guide – the Polish Guide. This extremely practical information service has been adjusted to the needs of football lovers and traditional tourists who come during the tournament.

All visitors will find information concerning tourist attractions, entertainment and night life, transport, recreation, restaurants, pharmacies and health centres on Maps integrated with information in which tourists and fans can easily find places and mark out routes will be available in the Polish Guide. Every person will find comprehensive information ona given subject.

The PL.2012 company which is responsible for implementing this technologically advanced project will launch access to the guide through mobile application for smartphones. A personalised calendar function thanks to which a user will create his own travel plan is going to be another comfortable and useful solution for foreigners.

So far, the Polish Guide has functioned in Polish and English versions. Soon four language versions are going to be launched: German, French, Spanish and Russian.