Effective support with „Warsaw Volunteers”

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Warsaw invites the residents of the capital city to get familiar with the new support proposal for volunteers and volunteer service organisers available as part of the „Warsaw Volunteers” project.

At the beginning of autumn, the city has prepared a new schedule of events that includes, among others, training courses, meetings, webinars and supervision aimed at improving volunteer skills. The support is free of charge. Registration on is already underway!

The willingness to work together with people and improving your own competence in this sphere are two key elements that contribute to effectively helping others. Enhancing qualifications, particularly among coordinators and volunteer service organisers, is very important and this is what we want to help with,” said Karolina Zdrodowska, Director Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue. “It can be said that this is in fact a ‘profession’, but it is a quite specific position – on the one hand it requires organisational skills, and on the other hand – exceptional interpersonal skills. The participation in the events available as part of the ‘Warsaw Volunteers’ project is also an opportunity to exchange information and compare experiences, added Karolina Zdrodowska.

Proposal for coordinators and volunteer service organisers

The new schedule includes new topics of meetings, training courses, webinars and supervision addressed to the representatives of entities organising volunteer service in Warsaw. Debates, competitions and study visits await coordinators and volunteer service organisers. In addition, anyone who wants to develop their competences in the field of volunteer work organisation can benefit from counselling, consultation and mentoring.

The subject area of meetings is very comprehensive – from formal and legal aspects, through relationships, to management. It does not matter whether the participants of the meetings already have several years of experience in working with volunteers or whether they want to prepare for their first meetings with volunteers. The proposal was devised so that everyone could find something for themselves. Each topic was prepared with consideration to current needs and trends.

“My participation in meetings addressed to volunteer coordinators enhanced my organisational skills, and made it easier for me to get along ‘easily’ with children during the pandemic. During the training courses and webinars, together with other participants we were exchanging our ideas on activities in which the youngest children could be involved, and it was really useful for me,” emphasised Anna Kulikowska, school counsellor at Primary School No. 169, who took part in the proposed events last season.

Proposal for volunteers

For all volunteers, who work in cooperation with NGOs and institutions based in Warsaw, the city has prepared over a dozen topics for free training courses, which can be useful for them during their voluntary service… and beyond it! They were developed, among others, on the basis of a needs survey, in which more than 100 people participated. The topics of  training courses you can register for until the end of December this year include: “Savoir vivre towards people with disabilities”, “NVC – understanding without violence”, “In search for your management style”, “Creating visual materials” or “Storytelling” which has been very popular for many editions.

The proposal also includes special consultation meetings which can be attended primarily by those who work in the voluntary service on behalf of the sick, elderly people, people with disabilities or people at risk of social exclusion. Through participation in the group consultations, volunteers can, among others, exchange experience, inspire and empower each other, learn how a given issue is seen by others and how they cope in similar situations. Such an informal form of education is also aa perfect way to explore new fields of work, gain new experience and skills.

Registrations for events

Dates and registration forms for all events for voluntary service organisers and volunteers are available on the City’s Volunteer Portal in the tab “Events and training”.