Drivers rate highly P+R facilities

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P&R Metro Wilanowska
P&R Metro Wilanowska

Users like to use Park & Ride facilities – as many as 91% of respondents rate them as good or very good. The vast majority park their cars there from Monday to Friday to use Warsaw Public Transport.

“Owing to Park & Ride facilities, less cars enter the centre of Warsaw. Less fuel used translates into better air quality in the capital. We want more and more drivers to use public transport, which is why we plan to build new facilities, for example in Żerań,” said Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Employees of the Public Transport Authority surveyed drivers using Park & Ride facilities. In total they conducted 553 surveys. The vast majority of respondents rated the functioning of such car parks as good or very good. Nearly 91 percent of them gave a score of 8 or higher on a 10-point scale. The most positive opinions were garnered by the car park in Stokłosy, where as many as 98.7% of the respondents gave a score within the 8-10 range.

The vast majority of respondents (74 percent), use Park & Ride facilities on weekdays. These are the regular users of Warsaw Public Transport – 96 percent of the respondents use 90-day tickets (46 percent) and 30-day tickets (43 percent). One may draw a conclusion that many people regularly transfer from private cars to WPT when commuting, considering this the most advantageous way of travel.

More than half the users of P&R facilities come from the neighbouring communes forming part of the Warsaw agglomeration (Piaseczno, Łomianki, Stare Babice). There are also drivers from Grójec, Serock, Sochaczew and Warka. 46 percent of the users of the car parks are residents of the capital.
Drivers usually go to those car parks which are closest to their place of residence. Sometimes drivers from Bielany leave cars at the P&R Imielin, while those from Mokotów or Otwock at the P&R Młociny or residents of Wołomin at the P&R Wilanowska.

In Warsaw you can use 16 P&R facilities. The last car park, Park and Ride Młociny IV was opened on 2 July 2018. Every day these facilities enable more than 4655 car drivers and more than 728 cyclists to transfer to Warsaw Public Transport. Parking is free of charge for individuals who hold valid short-term (daily, 3-day, weekend) and periodical (30 and 90-day) tickets, as well as those who use a senior ticket or are entitled to free travel.