Defibrillators now in every SKM train

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defibrillators in an SKM train

The Rapid Urban Railway (SKM) has equipped every vehicle with AED defibrillators and is teaching how to use these live-saving devices.

The Warsaw Railway Undertaking equipped every vehicle with AED (Automated External Defibrillator), having allocated PLN 140,000 for their purchase. The devices appeared earlier in the city metro, where they have numerously proved successful in saving lives. The defibrillator is used to restore heart action in a person with a sudden circulatory arrest with the help of electric impulses.

We feel responsible for the health and lives of our passengers. Our train teams are trained regularly to be able to provide first aid. Now they have additional help – defibrillators. In a situation of cardiac arrest you have to be quick, remove clothing covering the person’s chest and deliver the electric pulse. It is easy because defibrillators help us in this action telling us what to do step by step, says Alan Beroud, the President of the Rapid Urban Railway Management Board.

The use of AED defibrillators is safe; all you need to do is follow the instructions. The device performs an analysis of the heart rhythm, decides whether an electric shock is needed and guides the action until the arrival of emergency services.

American studies from 2018 (Why women receive less CPR from bystanders, American Heart Association) showed that the chance of women getting proper help in the situation of cardiac arrest is way lower than men. The reason behind this is the fear of inappropriate touch, breast exposure or possible bodily harm.

The SKM campaign shows that during the reanimation of a woman with a defibrillator it is crucial to expose the chest for the procedure to be effective. The partners of the campaign are the Warsaw Public Transport, AEDMAX company and the Warsaw Mets American football team. Rapid Urban Railway employees and partners’ representatives took part in the video.

Video on how to give first aid using a defibrillator

Video promoting saving lives with the defibrillator