Culture for one zloty

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'Cultural School in Mazovia' is a programme for primary and secondary school students from the Mazovia Province. It allows enjoying admission tickets to Mazovian cultural institutions for a symbolic one zloty. The campaign will run until 31 December 2022.

The idea behind the programme is to promote the cultural heritage of Mazovia as a task that fulfils extremely important educational and upbringing functions - the development of young people, popularisation and improvement of forms and methods of youth activity in culture in the broadest sense. The programme is also intended to encourage and inspire the planning and implementation of interesting lessons that stimulate young people to actively and consciously participate in the culture in Mazovia. The promotional price of admission tickets is intended to give access to students who often remain outside the cultural circuit or have difficulty accessing it due to financial barriers.

In order to participate in the programme, an application to benefit from the cultural offer, approved by the school principal or deputy principal, must be submitted. The school's application form for the programme, according to the agreed template, should be sent on paper and/or electronically to the selected cultural institution(s). The formal assessment of the application is carried out by the cultural institution.

Additional information regarding the participation in the programme, e.g. deadline and number of applications, reservation of a given offer and its confirmation, can be obtained directly from the cultural institutions involved in the programme.

More information can be found on the organiser's website.