Culture Cooperative

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The Culture Cooperative is an online notice board, where institutions, organisations, formal and informal groups, and any interested person can share their resources free-of-charge - space, equipment, skills or complete actions: exhibitions, shows, concerts. Anything you find in the Cooperative can be rented out for the purpose of organising local, cultural or community events. Remember that such events should be non-commercial and open to all Warsaw residents.

Resources from the Culture Cooperative can help you organise grass roots activities, e.g. a neighbourly picnic, a dance night, workshops, meeting of enthusiasts of various things, walks around the city, or an open day at school or nursery. At the Culture Cooperative, you can find:

  1. available space, e.g. a classroom for workshops, a meeting place, an exhibition space, a kitchen;
  2. equipment, e.g. chairs, ladders, tents, projectors, equipment for juggling or conjuring tricks, sewing machines;
  3. products of cultural activities, e.g. shows or concerts of artists who would like to perform at an event as guests;
  4. exhibitions, e.g. paintings, photographs;
  5. skills, experience and knowledge someone is willing to share, e.g. proofreading texts, fencing workshops, support and consultations provided by a cultural event organiser.