Cultural lessons in museums and theatres

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Children in POLIN Museum

Capital cultural institutions invite students to participate in lessons and workshops. In the Powszechny Theatre, you can see what goes on backstage, and in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum you can learn details from the life of the Nobel Prize winner.

The Warsaw Museum invites you to museum lessons, which take place in close contact with works of art and utility objects from the old days. The lessons cover such topics as: multicultural Warsaw, Warsaw women in the interwar period or Everyday life in a former tenement house. Among the educational proposals are also Warsaw-oriented lectures and walks.

The Museum of the Warsaw Uprising also conducts registration for museum lessons in the school year 2022/2023. The museum offers lessons in history and Polish language at various levels of education. What sets them apart is primarily the contact with living history – exhibits and fragments of exhibition.

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN also gives classes for school children and youth. Educational workshops present the 1000-year history of Jews as an integral part of the history of Poland, teaching tolerance, openness to the world and acceptance of cultural diversity. The museum provides the support of a cultural assistant to children from Ukraine.

The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum invites you to biographical lessons devoted to the life and scientific achievements of the Polish scholar, twice awarded the Nobel Prize. The lesson plan is based on the issues covered in the core curriculum and adapted to different levels of education, from primary to secondary school.

The Vistula Museum of Modern Art also invites school groups for guided tours and museum lessons accompanying current exhibitions. Contact with the works of outstanding contemporary artists is a pretext for initiating a discussion about culture and late modern period. The format and topics of the classes can be freely adapted to the age and preferences of groups. Classes addressed to school groups are also planned as part of the 14th Warsaw Festival under construction ("Fight for the streets").

Lessons in theatres

A Short history of the theatre, Theatre improvisations, Recipe for dramatic theatre – these are some of the topics of lessons organized by Powszechny Theatre. The offer also includes workshops, guided tours and tours of the theatre. The objective of the classes is to involve participants in the active creative process.

In turn, the Ochota Theatre invites you to a series of workshops on repertoire performances. For each performance, an experience consisting of two parts is prepared: a thematic introduction before watching a given performance and longer, practical workshops after it ends. The target group of The Young Viewer Academy is secondary school youth. On the other hand, classes as part of the Theatre Alphabet series are organized for children from primary schools.