Ctrl+ Warsaw

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View of the Świętokrzyski Bridge and the Vistula River, in the background the skyscrapers in the centre of Warsaw
Author: Zbignew Panów

High quality of life, modernity, an attractive location in the centre of Europe, and the opportunity to study and develop a career in every field – these are the main advantages of Warsaw. The city presents them in the latest image campaign.

Its main goal is to show talents from Italy and Spain of the capital as a place where you can gain knowledge, establish business and scientific relationships and spend your free time attractively.

In recent years, we have been participating in a global competition for talents. Warsaw has a lot to offer both to young people and investors who, by investing their capital in the city, maintain the pace of development of our city - says Karolina Zdrodowska, Director-Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue at the Warsaw City Hall and adds - We are aware of these challenges and therefore, as part of the work on the Strategy #2030, we have prepared a programme "We attract talent and leaders". Its implementation over the next 5 years will encourage talents to connect with Warsaw for a longer period of time.

Learn, work, and reset in Warsaw

There are many projects under the programme. A cyclical campaign aimed at talent is its flagship element. This year, the campaign was launched at the end of September.

The target group of the campaign is young people from Italy and Spain, considering studying or working abroad in the IT and financial sectors. The whole event will last a month and will be carried out online on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Programmatic.

The motto of the campaign is Ctrl+Varsovia (in Spanish) and Ctrl+Varsavia (in Italian). This means "paste into Warsaw" by analogy to the popular keyboard shortcut command (Ctrl+V).

The advantages of Warsaw, as a city where it is worth studying and working, according to the division of learning, work, rest will be informed by social media posts and spots with Italians and Spaniards living in Warsaw. More information about the programme We attract talent and leaders on the City Hall website (opens in a new tab).

Warsaw focuses on business

Attracting talent, developing innovation, improving business conditions in the capital, and supporting the investor are the priority areas of the city's activities. Furthermore, twice a year Warsaw is present at international investment fairs – MIPIM in Cannes and EXPO REAL in Munich, presenting its investment potential. On a daily basis, the city promotes its business attractiveness through the Grow with Warsaw profile (it opens in a new tab) on LinkedIn.

In turn, thanks to the cooperation within the marketing project Choose Europe (opens in a new card), which brings together European cities and investment promotion agencies of Amsterdam, Catalonia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lyon, Munich, Paris, Riga, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich, the capital has a chance to compete for investors from North America.

In order to effectively compete with other cities in Europe and the world as well as maintain the title of a leader, Warsaw also designated the so-called areas of economic excellence that are the most promising for the city up to the year 2040. These are the creative sector, taking into account modern crafts, including the computer games industry; the agri-food sector, using biotechnology and taking into account the assumptions of the bio-economy; the sector of modern business services with a central point in the form of specialized services and taking into account their creative nature; green municipal economy, taking into account the principles of circular economy and the sharing economy, which is a response to, among others, climate challenges; the start-up support centre for Eastern Europe, with an indication of the specific function of Warsaw as a "door" to the European Union.