Cross Innovation

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The Project Cross Innovation promotes collaborative and user-driven innovation that happens across sectoral, organisational, technological and geographic boundaries. Its focus rests on policies and support measures that enable cross innovation and creative spillovers between creative sectors and other industries. The partnership consists of 11 metropolitan hotspots that have the potential to put cross innovation on the top of local and regional policy agendas across Europe: Birmingham, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Tallinn, Warsaw, Vilnius, Stockholm, Linz, Lisbon and Pilsen.

Currently Warsaw is the focal point of the hi-tech industry of Poland with multiple centres of advanced technology, centres of excellence or academic pre-incubators. Warsaw has a capacious labour market and is able to attract best specialists, both national and foreign. The market participants range from small, often one-man companies, limiting their scope of activities to the home market, to internationally acclaimed big players. For the last few years, the city authorities have been actively supporting entrepreneurs, both start-ups and mature companies. The city authorities try to foster creative activities by inviting different kinds of creative initiatives in the city, but also by building up structures in order to facilitate establishing and running creative businesses. Important elements of support are Warsaw’s Centre of Entrepreneurship and Centre of Creativity, to be opened in 2013 and 2014.

Warsaw is an example of a city where the space continuously inspires creative entrepreneurs. Most of the inspiring spaces in Warsaw can be found in Powiśle, an old central district by the Vistula river, or in the underdeveloped and until recently marginalized Praga, a district situated across the river from the city centre. The authorities of Praga see the opportunity and have been supporting the development of a creative district, there have also been major private investments aimed at promoting Praga as a vibrant creative district.

Warsaw has the biggest number of creative entrepreneurs in comparison to other Polish cities. Almost all of them carry out business activities also outside the city and there is a fast growing tendency for internationalization. Dominating creative industries in Warsaw are advertising, architecture, publishing houses and design, however the City policy is to support creative companies of all branches. The rapidly growing creative sector has a lot to offer to the more traditional sectors in the city.