Cross Culture Festival at Multicultural Warsaw Street Party

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Cross Art. Cross Culture. Cross Europe is the name of a special project created by visual artists as part of the 7th Warsaw Cross-Culture Festival. During this year's edition, alongside the well-known musical events and workshops, the festival programme will also include film, club meetings and visual arts.

The Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival, initiated by the capital city's authorities in 2005, is a presentation of the most interesting phenomena within the field of world culture and music. It is one of the biggest  events of such kind in Poland, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. During the past six years of its existence, the Festival permanently fitted into the multi-cultural landscape of Warsaw, building its character and prestige and gathering its own loyal audience. Over 130 individual artists and groups from over 48 countries have presented their art within the Festival so far. Since the very beginning, the Festival has been organised by Stołeczna Estrada.

The main idea and mission of the Festival is to make Warsaw citizens and visitors open to the cultural variety of modern world. The Festival wants to be like Warsaw itself and like today's world - more and more open and sensitive to cultural and artistic variety, interested in the others and interesting for the others. It wants to be an event that is continuously developing and searching.

The Cross Art. Cross Culture. Cross Europe project is a unique initiative prepared by the artists who create on daily basis in the urban space, work with colour and different textures. Inspired by the festival theme and the colourful multiculturalism that accompanies it, they agreed to create pieces that would address this theme and talk about it. Moreover, the art pieces themselves will be created right before and during the Festival, becoming its integral part.

Date: 25 September - 01 October 2011