Coronavirus in Poland

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With regard to confirmation of subsequent cases of coronavirus infection in Poland, we wish to remind you that government administration is responsible for issues related to the epidemiological safety.

Warsaw and its subordinate units (e.g. hospitals) know the right procedures and are accordingly equipped.

•    School principals were given recommendations on how to react in case of illness suspicion among students or staff.
•     ZTM (Public Transport Authority) instructed all public transport operators to increase supervision over cleaning services. What is more, a decision has been made to use disinfectants when cleaning surfaces with which passengers usually have direct contact - ticket validators, handrails and buttons.
•    The recommendations of the Ministry of Health on how to protect against virus and how to proceed in case of an infection suspicion, are being presented on public transport monitors.
•    The city conducts educational and information campaign in: WOMs (Residents Service Divisions), education, culture, sport and social assistance facilities and other municipal units – by placing posters and information on screens (where available).

By decision of the Governor of Mazovia Province a fire brigade exercise was carried out at the Provincial Infectious Hospital. The main goal of the exercise was to build an additional room which would facilitate the admission of people with suspected infection.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate publishes on its website current information about the new coronavirus cases, messages and recommendations for travellers, all residents, medical services and institutions

Current information related to the new virus published by the Powiatowa Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna (District Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in the City of Warsaw) can be also found at website.