Cool Globes Warsaw. Think warmly of cooling the planet

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Cool Globes Warsaw. Think warmly of cooling the planet. Fot. R.Motyl
Cool Globes Warsaw. Think warmly of cooling the planet. Fot. R.Motyl

The Cool Globes Warsaw exhibition, featuring several outdoor sculptures promoting the idea of climate protection, can now be admired along the Vistula embankments. The Warsaw globe “Plant a tree,” unveiled by Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, has just joined the American globes.

The Cool Globes initiative was launched in the United States in 2005. A year later it attracted a non-governmental organisation. Wendy Abrams, the founder of Cool Globes, describes the idea as follows. “How could we capture the public’s attention on a subject as complex as global warming? (…)The idea was to put sculptures on the sidewalk, each depicting a solution to global warming, forcing people to confront the issue, but in a non-threatening manner.”

“From its beginnings, Warsaw has actively participated in the movement combatting global warming,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz at the exhibition opening. “In 2008 we appointed the Climate Protection Team, and in the following year Warsaw became a member of the Covenant of Mayors, an international initiative. By implementing the EU-based energy and climate package in 2011, Warsaw took up the challenge of cutting down on CO2 emissions. In June 2011, during the TRAIN OF IDEAS exhibition initiated by Hamburg – the European Green Capital 2011 – we presented environmentally friendly urban designs, i.e. the ‘Czajka’ Treatment Plant and ‘The Development and Improvement of the Transport System, including Low-Emission, Rail and Urban Bicycle Transport.’ In 2013 Warsaw hosted the participants in the 19th UN Climate Change Conference COP19,” stressed the Mayor.

The Cool Globes outdoor sculptures were exhibited for the first time in Chicago in 2007. Soon they set out on their journey across the United States, visiting a number of cities and being presented in very prestigious locations. The US exhibitions were visited by many prominent guests, including President Barak Obama, Former President Bill Clinton and the then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For the last few years they have been presented in Europe, including in Amsterdam, Geneva, Copenhagen and Marseille. From May to August 2016 they can be seen in Warsaw, which is the first European capital to present its own globe at the exhibition.