Contract signed for the renovation of the zoo's main avenue

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Contract signed for the renovation of the zoo's main avenue
Contract signed for the renovation of the zoo's main avenue

Warsaw’s zoo is undergoing numerous upgrades. One of these is the renovation of the main avenue. On Friday, 31 March, a contract was signed in the headquarters of the City Development Agency (SZRM) for the implementation of this investment. We will walk along the modernised avenue in mid-2018.

In the Warsaw Zoological Garden a lot is happening right now. The City Development Agency is carrying out here, amongst other things, the construction of a catwalk for snow leopards, an additional entrance facing Jagiellońska Street, and a display area for pond turtles.

The biggest investment, however is the modernisation of the zoo's main avenue. In the SZRM headquarters a contract has been signed with the consortium of Tombruk Sp. z o.o. and Rokom Sp. z o.o. for the implementation of the works. Their completion is scheduled for 30 June 2018.

As part of the investment, the kilometre-long main artery of the garden connecting the south and north gates will undergo a comprehensive redevelopment. The surface will be levelled up, new street furniture elements will appear, and, most of all, there will be more green areas. The plans involve planting about 400 new trees and over 17 thousand shrubs along with establishing flowerbeds with a total area of nearly 3800 m2. Not only the main axis of the garden but also the adjoining alleys, will be greener. Among the trees to be planted are Serbian spruce, red chestnut, beech and hornbeam. To highlight the representative character of the alley you will see along the sidewalk a low hedge of shiny cotoneaster.

Thanks to the modernisation, the avenue will also become more welcoming for people with disabilities. In place of the cracked asphalt, damaged by roots, a smooth surface will appear. The bumps and curbs which make it difficult to move around will also disappear.

Besides the visible changes, underground water and sewage systems will also undergo refurbishment. There will also be new power connections and an optical fibre.