Construction of the subway in Bemowo - surface area is almost ready

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subway construction, worker in helmet and yellow vest

Intense finishing works are underway at the construction site of the CO4 “Bemowo” station and the final appearance is finally starting to show through. After months of difficulties, the residents regained their target traffic organization at the intersection of Górczewska and Powstańców Śląskich streets.

The intersection of Górczewska street and Powstańców Śląskich street already functions in all relations. On Górczewska street from the side of Powstańców Śląskich street, the leftmost lane in the direction of Babice will be excluded from traffic until the crossing between the roadways, due to works related to the construction of the tram track. The target geometry of the intersection with Klemensiewicz street has been restored. At the intersection of Górczewska street and Klemensiewicz street, the lights will be arranged in the order of temporary traffic organization, not taking into account the tram traffic. This will last untill the reasumption of tram traffic in this section. 

In the area of the intersection of Górczewska street and Powstańców Śląskich street all bicycle paths and most of the pedestrian routes have been reconstructed. During the works, the pavements leading directly to the station entrances were intact. 


In the area of the construction of the second metro line in Bemowo, the trees are being planted and the greenery is being restored. A total of 333 trees will be planted. Most of them will grow at the Bemowo station. The remaining trees will be planted at the Ulrychów station. In addition to the trees, bushes will be planted at both stations- there will be over 20,000 of them. The greenery will also be complemented by perennial beds (around 1.6 thousand). So far, most trees, shrubs and perennials have been planted. 

CO4 - station part 

For passengers, the station will be the most important element. It’s where the underground passages are located at the intersection of Górczewska street and Powstańców Śląskich street. There is also a platform from which the residents will travel towards the city centre or even further, to Bródno. Intensive finishing works are underway at the CO4 “Bemowo” station. 

It can be noticed that the assembly of steel structures at all exits from the station has been completed. On some of them there already are elements of the glass roof. Brick cladding and stair cladding are also laid. All escalators and 4 out of 11 lifts have already been installed.