Climate protection and waste segregation

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Waste segregation

Actions aimed at mitigating climate change are also actions aimed at reducing the negative impact of the city's functioning on the natural environment and air quality. The main activities of the city in this area are activities aimed at developing and improving the functioning of public transport in Warsaw.

Climate protection - current activities

These involve mainly:

  • development of the tram network and replacement of the rolling stock,
  • extension of the metro,
  • replacement of the bus fleet with a modern one increasingly powered by alternative fuels,
  • development of the bicycle path system and the "Veturilo" city bicycle system,
  • expansion of the P&R (Park & Ride) car park system.


Waste - rules of segregation

In accordance with the Regulations for maintaining cleanliness and order in the City of Warsaw, a municipal waste collection system has been in force since 2019, divided into 5 fractions: paper, metals and plastics, glass, bio and mixed waste.


  • do not wash packages, jars and other waste
  • empty the packaging of the content residues
  • remove the lid from the containers
  • crush cans, plastic bottles and other possible waste
  • do not throw meat and other animal waste into the bio container
  • bio waste is only plant residues (except for eggshells)
  • throw bio waste in bulk, if possible in packing paper, newspapers, paper or compostable bags
  • segregate only clean paper, dirty and greasy paper should go to mixed waste