City Zoological Garden summarizes a good year

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The baby giraffe in Warsaw zoo. Fot. Zoo
The baby giraffe in Warsaw zoo. Fot. Zoo

It was another good year for the City Zoological Garden in Warsaw. In 2015, the zoo was visited by nearly 700 000 visitors. During that time, also many interesting events took place, and many interesting animals came into the world.

"Willa pod zwariowaną gwiazdą” ("Crazy Star's Villa")
The first large event held in 2015 was the opening of the restored villa of the Żabińsky Family for visitors. In the historical facility located in the southern part of the garden, during World War II, the then director Jan Żabiński and his wife Antonia rescued more than 300 ghetto fugitives. Putting their own lives at danger, they were providing care, shelter and assistance in obtaining documents ensuring escape from Warsaw.

 "Willa pod zwariowaną gwiazdą" is open for visitors on all weekends of the season and on weekdays after prior arrangement by phone. All information is available on the website in the tab Willa.

Small Amazonia in Warsaw
Another facility made available to the visitors after a thorough renovation was a completely renovated Aquarium. The leading topic of the exhibition are ecosystems of the South America and sea reservoirs.

The greatest attraction of the renovated facility is a 11-meter acrylic aquarium with the capacity of as much as 30 000 litres. The visitors can see thousands of colorful fishes in over 30 species.  

Educational projects
 "Dotknij mojego świata" ("Touch my world") This is a field educational path for the blind and visually impaired. Thanks to bronze cast sculptures of animals and sound maps of the garden made in the typhlographic technology, the disabled have an opportunity to explore closer the zoo and its inhabitants. The second project concerned equipping the teaching room with equipment and educational aids necessary to conduct ecological education.

Animals in the zoo
In comparison with December 2014, the number of animals living in the zoo increased from 2843 to 3796 specimens, which is associated, above all, with the enlarged fish collection.  

In 2015, also many animals came into the world. Among others, 8 amphibian species, 5 reptile species, 46 bird species and 27 mammal species reproduced.

At the end of 2015, an armadillo was born.  The birth of giraffe reverberated. Initially the baby giraffe had health problems and required artificial feeding, but each day it becomes more and more independent.

The birth of five maned wolves is also a great success.
The Section of Ungulates turned out most fertile: as much as 50 baby animals came into the world.

By the end of February cheaper
By the end of February 2016, ticket prices in the City Zoological Garden are cheaper, even by over 50%.