Circuses with animals? Not in Warsaw

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Circuses with animals? Not in Warsaw. Fot. R.Motyl
Circuses with animals? Not in Warsaw. Fot. R.Motyl

The Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz signed a regulation banning the organization of travelling circus performances which contain animals within areas being property of the city. Passing such a regulation was suggested, among others, by non-governmental organizations defending the animal rights.

Using animals for entertainment purposes raises increasing controversies not only in Poland but also worldwide. Private persons and non-governmental organizations which statutory objective is to protect animals criticise any events which contain animals, circus performances in particular.

 - This regulation is a result of growing awareness and sensitivity of the society. We want to popularize proper patterns of relations between humans and animals. Thanks to this regulation the distribution of tickets and promotion of this type of events will also be forbidden in the City of Warsaw, its districts and in organizational units of our city – says the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

The new regulation prohibits making available of real estates constituting the property and being under the administration of the City of Warsaw for the needs of travelling circuses which contain animals. Additionally, it also prohibits the distribution of tickets and promotion of this type of events by the Capital City of Warsaw, its districts and organizational units of the City.

The newly created law is a result of social objection against the object treatment of animals in circuses. Disapproval of the general public raises forceful training of the animals to perform activities inconsistent with their nature, as well as not providing the dwelling conditions respective to the needs of a species, blameworthy conditions of transport and the places of animals being kept between performances and beyond the season.

Circus performances which contain animals are also criticised by psychologists from Psychology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who indicate clearly harmful impact it has on children. They emphasize that such activities shows enslaved animals behaving against their nature, often viewed in trucks, cages or restrained, which may solidify the opinion in children that there is nothing wrong with treating animals this way.