Cinema, theatre, or perhaps a museum?

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Author: Maciek Jazwiecki

Warsaw's cultural institutions have a special winter break offer ready for children and young people. Museums, cinemas and theatres invite encourage to take part in many attractive performances, shows and exhibitions. At the Baj Theatre shows performances of "Akademia Pana Kleksa" (EN- Mr Kleks Academy) and the Museum of Caricature has meetings with Koziołek Matołek.


The Baj Theatre invites children to a world of fairy tales and engaging stories. The winter break programme includes offers for both younger and slightly older audiences. A new exhibition will take up residence in the Puppet Gallery, featuring stage shows of Pan Kleks and Kot Filemon  (Filemon the Cat), as well as educational walks around the theatre's nooks and crannies. A premiere of the spectacle "Hop" is being prepared for audiences aged 2 and over, to take place at the conclusion of the Warsaw winter break.

A special offer for the winter school break (11 to 28 February) has also been prepared by the Guliwer Theatre. Tickets for all performances from Tuesday to Friday can be purchased for PLN 25. The well-known and much-loved plays "Pączek i Pompon" (Donut and Pompon), "Koziołek Matołek" (Matołek the Goat), "Jak się robi cyrk?" (How the circus is made?), "Przyjaciele Automateusza" (Friends of Automataeus), "Czy umiesz gwizdać, Joanno?" (Can you whistle, Joanna?) will be performed on both stages of the Guliwer. Each of the performances on the Big Stage will be preceded by an educational etude. The programme also features workshops for children and youth.

The Lalka Theatre, on the other hand, will start the winter holidays off with the premiere of "Baśń o Aladynie i lampie cudownej" (The Tale of Aladdin and the Wonderous Lamp), which is a sesame tale by Bolesław Leśmian. The musical accompaniment for the performance was composed by Grzegorz Turnau.

Not that far away, the Studio Theatre at the Palace of Culture and Science also has an offer for the winter break. Children aged 10 and over can take part in a 5-day workshop with "Wyspa Jadłonomia" (Jadłonomia Island). Over the course of several days of vegetable adventures, participants will learn why it is important to protect the planet, the climate, and eat vegetables, and will learn how to prepare nutritious meals.


The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews invites children and young people to workshops, and whole families with children to activities that introduce Jewish culture and develop creativity. Schoolchildren are also welcome at the permanent exhibition - during the holidays, individual schoolchildren exhibition tours cost just one zloty, and entry for children under seven is free. 

The Museum of Warsaw also invites you to all its branches. During the winter break it will feature events to celebrate the Praga district's 375th birthday. Until 19 February, the headquarters in the Old Town Square will hold an exhibition titled "Błysk, mat, kolor. Fotografia i Warszawa lat 90." (Flash, matt, colour. Photography and 1990s Warsaw), where you can see what the capital looked like not that long ago.

The Museum of Caricature during the break recommends an encounter with Koziołek Matołek, on a special obstacle course that can be enjoyed by the youngest 4-10 years old.

Libraries and community centres

Interesting events have been planned by public libraries and reading rooms. During the holidays, there will be film screenings, art activities, discussion clubs, and you can also take part in competitions for readers. Detailed information can be found at and directly at the branches.

As usual, the capital's cultural centres have many offers for the winter break. The schedule includes interesting meetings and workshops, film screenings, concerts and performances, for those big and small, as well as dance parties. It is worth looking at the community centres' websites and visiting their social media profiles.

Big and small screen

The winter break are a perfect time for screenings at the cinema or at home. VOD Warszawa has plenty of interesting offers for children and young people, some of which can be viewed for free.

Family workshops combined with film screenings are offered by Centrum Kultury Filmowej im. Andrzeja Wajdy (The Andrzej Wajda Film Culture Centre) - this series is co-organised by the Kino w Trampkach (Cinema in Sneakers) Festival.

During the break, it is also possible to view films from the Kino Dzieci (Children's Cinema) festival - screenings are scheduled at arthouse cinemas, including Kinoteka and the Muranów cinema.