Emotion-filled cinema on the VOD platform

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Films, theatre performances and programmes – these and other productions can be viewed from the comfort of your home on the Warsaw VOD platform. Selected films from the Kamera Dawida (EN- Camera of David) Warsaw Jewish Film Festival are also available until the end of December.

The VOD Warszawa platform has been designed for Warsaw's cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations, and above all – for the audience. This one site hosts films, performances, concerts, exhibitions footage, and podcasts - everything that makes up the cultural offer of Warsaw's theatres, museums, foundations and associations. 

Kamera Dawida on 

From the comfort of your home, you can now see the film "Ukos światła" (EN- "Bevel of Light"), which tells the story of Dariusz Popiel, an athlete and activist fighting to restore memory of the Jewish community in Podhale. Popiela was awarded the 2021 POLIN Award for his actions. 

Among the films made available was also "Etgar Keret. Based on a true story"  - an unconventional biography of an outstanding Israeli writer created by two Dutch people: director Stephane Kaas and screenwriter Rutger Lemm, who were fascinated by his work. This film received multiple awards, including at film festivals in Krakow, San Francisco, Washington and Haifa. 

Films from the festival's prior editions are also available on Warsaw's VOD platform, including the documentary "Dobry i zły nazista" (EN- "The Good and Bad Nazi") or the feature films "Droga Aszera" (EN- "The Way of Asher"), "Feniks" (EN"Phoenix"), and "Więcej niż zasługuję" (EN- "More than I deserve"). 

More information is available on the website of VOD.  

Documentaries for and about children 

The VOD Warszawa platform has prepared a Christmas movie gift for its youngest viewers. Among other offerings, films in the "Trampolina do kina poleca" (EN- "Trampoline to the cinema recommends") series encompassing nearly twenty feature films, animated and short films, selected by experts from the Andrzej Wajda Film Culture Centre and the Kino w Trampkach (EN- Cinema in Sneakers) Festival, can now be viewed for free. The series made available are: "Dzieci z Jedwabnego Szlaku" (EN- "Children from the Silk Road" or "Sport kids. Młodzi sportowcy" ("Sport kids. Young athletes"). The films are accompanied by educational materials.  

The films are available on the website of VOD.

Theatre right in your home 

The VOD Warszawa platform also offers its viewers performances from Warsaw's theatres. Currently, you can watch the musical ""Piloci" (EN- "The Pilots") from the Roma Musical Theatre, telling a love story against the background of World War II, and "Niedzielne popołudnie" (EN- "Sunday afternoon") from the Młyn Theatre, which very accurately depicts the confrontation of idealistic ideas about living together with reality. 

Additionally, performances from the Old Town Culture Centre, the Praga Culture Centre, and the Baj Theatre were made available free of charge. 

The performances are available on the website of VOD. 

A user-friendly platform 

The platform was designed incorporating user-friendly technological solutions that guarantee high quality and comfort in interacting with digital culture. 

For people with disabilities, materials (e.g. concerts, performances or films) can be enhanced with audio description, subtitles, or sign language interpretation. Non-Polish speakers can change the navigation language in the settings to English, Russian or Ukrainian. 

Development of the site was financed by the City of Warsaw, and was executed by the Andrzej Wajda Film Culture Centre .