Christmas is coming. The installation of decorations has begun

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Christmas decorations in Warsaw
Christmas decorations in Warsaw

The Municipal Roads Authority has begun assembling the Christmas illumination. A 27-metre high Christmas tree is being placed in Zamkowy Sq. and other decorations are beginning to emerge in Krakowskie Przedmieście St. They will be the same as last year.

This year the city illumination will enhance the appearance of Zamkowy Sq. and Krakowskie Przedmieście St. On the whole length, there will be 9 free-standing decorations placed. The main one will be the Christmas tree, which is already being erected near the Royal Castle. Each day the installation will be gaining shape, and, by Friday at the latest, it should reach its target height. The "balloon vendor" and "Warsaw street organ" decorations will be placed nearby, which should be a special attraction for children.

The youngest visitors should also enjoy the other decorations. Their installation in Krakowskie Przedmieście St. started simultaneously with the installation of the Christmas tree. There will be a "horse tramcar" at the Nicolaus Copernicus monument, "chess figures" and "chessboard" will be visible in the ks. Jana Twardowskiego Sq., and at the Hoovera Sq. a "revolving carousel" will invite for a ride.  In the last square there will also be a "garden house for lovers", who will be able to take pictures together both inside it and at the "greetings card" located nearby. There will also be a 54 m long "tunnel of light" by the ks. Jana Twardowskiego Sq.

Moreover, as every year, the street lamps will also be decorated. 108 lamp posts in Krakowskie Przedmieście St. and 15 on Zamkowy Sq. will be decorated. And 63 trees will be decorated with energy-saving eco-LEDs.

The launch of the Christmas lights is scheduled for early December. The commercial illumination which will decorate Nowy Świat St. should be switched on at the same time.

Illumination changes the city space

Christmas illumination is already a tradition in Warsaw. It adds charm to the city and provides additional lighting in the period when darkness prevails for almost 16 hours a day, and contributes to the improvement of safety, comfort and well-being of residents. It transforms the grey space of the winter city and makes walking around in bad weather much more pleasant. It is especially appreciated by the youngest residents of Warsaw.

In the past, Warsaw's illumination was repeatedly appreciated also in European rankings evaluating this type of installations.

It is worth noting that the illuminations consist of energy-saving eco-LED lights, which consume 10 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs. Thanks to this the cost of powering the decorations this year will amount to more or less 1000 PLN per day. Expenditure on electricity for Christmas lights is only 0.4 percent of the cost of powering all city lanterns.