Christmas in the Metro and on Warsaw’s streets

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Christmas decorated metro trains

On selected weekends, Trakt Królewski will be a pedestrian zone. Therefore, Varsovians will be able to enjoy walking and admiring Christmas illuminations. A festively decorated underground train has already gone on the tracks and a 27-metre Christmas tree has lit up Zamkowy Square.

Christmas illumination is already a tradition in Warsaw. This year, it decorates the Zamkowy Square and Krakowskie Przedmieście Street. The main attraction is, of course, the Christmas tree placed near Zamek Królewski. Other attractions are the “horse tram” at the Nicolaus Copernicus monument, “chess figures” at Jan Twardowski Square and the “revolving carousel”, “gazebo for lovers” and “greeting card” at the Hoovera Square. Christmas decorations will also be installed on 123 street lights and 63 trees.

Traffic changes

During the past St. Nicholas weekend, from 3 to 5 December, Varsovians could admire the entire illumination for the first time. During this time, Trakt Królewski will traditionally become a pedestrian zone. This will happen from Friday to Sunday evening on the following weekends: 10-12 December, 17-19 December. Additionally, during the Christmas and New Year period, i.e. from 24 December to 9 January, Trakt Królewski will be excluded from car traffic for the entire period and will serve as a pedestrian zone.

Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście Streets from the General Ch. de Gaulle’a Roundabout to Miodowa Street will be closed for cars (bicycle traffic will be allowed). Świętokrzyska Street will be passable through the intersection with Nowy Świat Street. The transverse streets: Ossolińskich, Karowa, Królewska and Bednarska will be terminated dead-end. There will be detours for buses.

The Christmas train is already on the tracks

The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, after taking a ride on the Christmas train, turned on the lights on the Christmas tree on Wednesday and gave his best wishes to Warsaw’s residents.

I understand that many of us are worried about the pandemic, high costs or the simple fact that it gets dark so early in December. There is no single remedy for this, but we would like to encourage you to have a little hope before Christmas. Let this Warsaw Christmas tree, which we are lighting today, be a symbol of hope that after darkness comes light, after storm - sunshine, and after trouble - joy. And every darkness can be lightened with a good, warm light. I wish you all of these, not only for Christmas, said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The Inspiro train set is decorated with blue and red graphics, alluding to winter, Christmas and the Capital’s landmarks, with different coloured lights on the outside. It will run alternately on both lines - M1 and M2 - until 6 January.

A Christmas tree which gives hope

The imitation spruce Christmas tree is 27 metres high and approximately 10 metres in diameter. It is artificial, made up of modules which took several days to assemble. It has about 400 decorations hanging on it - baubles with a diameter of 40 cm and 40-cm lights imitating a lit candle. It has been traditionally placed on Zamkowy Square.

We all need a bit of Christmas spirit. Today we lit the lights on the Christmas tree, and the entire illumination, which takes us back to the times of the pre-war capital of balloonists, catarinarians and horse-drawn trams, will be lit this Saturday, announced Rafał Trzaskowski.

Trakt Królewski illuminated

From Zamkowy Square, through Krakowskie Przedmieście and a part of Nowy Świat to Świętokrzyska Street, the city illumination will be lit up at the weekend. It will decorate 123 street lamps and 63 trees. These will be mainly garlands of light consisting of eco-LEDs, which consume ten times less electricity than ordinary bulbs. Pedestrians will be able to see it until mid-February.

The illumination will be accompanied by more figures – a “horse tram” at the Nicolaus Copernicus monument and “chess figures” and “chessboard” at Jan Twardowski Square. At Hoovera Square, a “revolving carousel” will invite you for a ride, while a “gazebo for lovers” and a “greetings card” will invite everyone to take a photo together. A 54-metre-high “tunnel of light” was erected at Jan Twardowski Square.