Christian Boltanski and his Heart Archives

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City of Warsaw
City of Warsaw. fot. Christian Boltanski/Gallery Kewenig

Christian Boltanski has been one of France's greatest contemporary artists. Since 2005, he has been welcoming viewers to register their heartbeats with the aim of recording the sounds in his library. The Heart Archives – les Archives du Coeur – has been already exhibited in galleries around the world: Paris, Stockholm and Milan – to name a few. As of February 8th , Warsaw will host the artist's recent source of fresh participants.

Each recording is saved separately into three copies: One copy is sent to the Teshima Island in the Seto Inland sea, where the artist assembles meticulously his unprecedented collection of heartbeats.

Presently, his collection contains over 30 thousands items; the second copy is to be stored in the archives at the Centre for Contemporary Art in  Ujazdowski Castle; Finally, the third recording will be at the participant's disposal on a CD.

The Center for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle held a retrospective view of Christian Boltanski's work in 2001.

Available through 20.03.2011
Curator: Milada Slizinska