Chip your dog!

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Microchip, materials: Safe-Animal
Microchip, materials: Safe-Animal. City of Warsaw

Only until December 15th the owners of dogs and cats who live in Warsaw can chip their animal for free in one of 112 selected veterinary clinics.

Chip is an effective method of preventing animal homelessness. It allows to check quickly the owner of a pet. The costs of the process are covered by the City Hall of Warsaw. Having chipped a pet, each owner receives a certificate and the personal data are introduced into the International Data Base system “Safe-Animal”. This year there were nearly 10 thousand animals marked.

The condition to get a free chip:
- an owner has to fill in an application
- show ID card and the vaccination booklets of dog/cat, pedigree or other proof of animal ownership

If you lost your pet you can find through Safe-Animal BASE

Below the highlight you can find the list of clinics.

Chip, materials: Safe-Animal. City of Warsaw
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Scaner, materials: Safe-Aniamal. City of Warsaw