Children aged 3 to 6 – preschool education

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children in kindergarten

Children aged 3 to 6, and in special cases children aged 2.5, go to preschools. 6-year-old children are subject to compulsory preschool preparation (zerówka). Enrolment to preschools, preschool departments, and first classes in primary schools starts every year in late February/early March and is conducted using an electronic system.

The head teacher makes the decision whether to admit the child into the school during the school year.

Some schools in Warsaw have opened their first preparation departments for international students who do not speak Polish or their knowledge of the Polish language is insufficient for them to be schooled. Information about the enrolment dates, rules, and criteria is published on the website of the Education Department, Warsaw City Office. The website also includes an up-to-date list of any available places in preschools and first classes in primary schools.