Child benefits

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Child benefits, benefits from the child-support fund and “Dobry Start” benefits.

Child benefits, benefits from the child-support fund and “Dobry Start” benefits (an annual one-off education benefit for children attending school up to the age of 20, or 24 for persons with disabilities) are available to all foreigners who have the right to work in poland, or who are exempt from the work permit obligation, provided that they reside on the territory of the Republic of Poland throughout the period in which they receive benefits and fulfil all statutory requirements for having the right to such benefits.

The above-mentioned benefits may be claimed by foreigners:

  • who fall under the regulations on the coordination of social security systems
  • whose right to such benefits arises from bilateral international agreements on social security which are binding on Poland
  • staying in Poland based on a temporary-residence permit
  • staying in the Republic of Poland based on a permanent-residence permit, a residence permit for EU long-term residents, a temporary-residence permit required to work in occupations requiring high qualifications, or foreigners granted refugee status or subsidiary protection, provided that they reside in Poland with members of their families 
  • who hold a residence card with the annotation “access to labour market”, provided that they reside in Poland with members of their families, excluding third-country citizens who have obtained a permit to work in a Member State for a period of no more than six months, third-country citizens who have been allowed to enter Poland to pursue tertiary education, or third-country citizens who have the right to work in Poland pursuant to a visa.

Applications for the above-mentioned benefits should be submitted to relevant District Offices (Social Services & Health/Benefits Divisions). Go to to download application forms and see the list of documents you need to submit when applying for the respective benefits.

As part of the “500 Plus” Child Benefit Scheme parents and guardians of children aged up to 18 may seek benefits for each child. The child benefit is a monthly amount of PLN 500 per child.

“Dobry start” education benefits are available to parents and individuals with an actual guardianship over children attending school, starting from the first grade of elementary school. This benefit is paid until the child reaches the age of majority (18). However, if the child continues to attend school after reaching the age of majority, this benefit will be paid until the child is 20, or 24 if they have certified disabilities. The benefit is an annual one-off amount of PLN 300 paid at the start of each school year.