Change in the M2 service

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subway train Skoda Varsovia on the I subway line

From Sunday 14 to Monday 22 August, subway trains of the M2 line will end at the Dworzec Wileński subway station. Passengers should be prepared for changes in bus routes and using a special ZM2 bus line.

The next stage is the construction of new stations: Kondratowicza, Zacisze and Bródno on the second subway line. This means that traffic must be switched off from Szwedzka station to Trocka. For several days, therefore, the subway trains on the eastern side will end their course at the Dworzec Wileński station from the beginning of the course on August 14 till the end of the course at night on August 21/22.

During this time, the routes of buses, that transport passengers to closed subway stations on a daily basis, will also change. Bus lines no 140, 199, 245 and 738 will go straight to the dworzec Wileński Station and turn back there, and bus lines 527 will end the route at the Dworzec Wschodni Station from the side of Kijowska Street. Bus line 269 will be suspended during this time.

On Friday, August 12, renovation works on the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge are supposed to be completed. From August 13, therefore, suspended tram lines will return to their courses.

Passengers who use the subway on the excluded section on a daily basis will be able to use the more frequent bus lines 169 and 500, which will take them to the subway station, respectively Dworzec Wileński and Dworzec Gdański on the M1 line.

During this time, we will launch a replacement bus line ZM2 with buses that will run along the route:

Subway Trocka – Trocka – Unicka (former Pratulińska) – Handlowa – Ossowskiego – Barkocińska – Myszkowska – Gorzykowska – Radzymińska – Al. Solidarności – Targowa – Dw. Wileński.