Census obligatory also for foreigners

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Brochure informing about obligatory census for foreigners

The Census (NSP 2021) is the only opportunity to count all foreign nationals living in Poland. Such an opportunity opens up once every 10 years. So if you know or employ any foreigners, you might want to help them fulfil this obligation.

NSP 2021 covers not only Polish nationals, as every person living in our country, whatever their citizenship or nationality, is required to take part in the census. There is nothing to be afraid in the census – statistical confidentiality guarantees that individual data concerning foreigners and their Polish employers are not disclosed to anyone, even if their stay or employment is illegal.

Does residence registration, or lack thereof, has any importance?

All foreigners who live in Poland on a permanent or temporary basis are required to take part in the census. It doesn't matter if they have their residence registered in Poland.

You don't need to worry – your data is protected

Even if you stay or work in Poland illegally, you don't have to be afraid of any negative consequences of taking part in the census. Your census data is subject to statistical confidentiality. This means that no information about your data will be disclosed to other institutions, including any enforcement agencies.

People who have hired foreigners can also feel at ease, even if they have not complied with the procedures required by law. Statistical confidentiality is also applicable here, and it is not possible for any information related to any employer to be disclosed to any third parties.

Having a students party? Remind your foreign friends about the census!

Our country is attracting more and more foreign students. They should also do their census, if only they were in Poland on 31 March (time at which the census data is being collected). If you have any foreign student friends, take this opportunity and make them aware that they have to fulfil this obligation. Students are rarely staying on an illegal basis, but if any of your foreign friends is afraid to disclose any information about themselves, please remind them that these information are rigorously protected.

Only diplomats do not have to do the census

The census obligation does not apply to diplomatic personnel and consular officials and their family members. These are the only exceptions to the census obligation in relation to foreigners living in Poland.

Where you can find information in your language

You might want to encourage your foreign friends to visit the census website. It contains information in various language versions. And even if they do not find the relevant information in their native language, they can use the materials available in international languages.

Instructions on how to do the census online are available in Polish, English, Russian, and Ukrainian on

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