Business spaces

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business center with office buildings in Mokotów District

The City of Warsaw, as the owner of the real estate, is also one of the entities offering premises for running one's own business. Compared to private owners, the city has significantly fewer business premises (more than 8500 at the end of 2020), however, they are located in interesting places both in terms of business and tourist traffic.

The management of premises is the responsibility of Warsaw's Districts, which, depending on the size of the housing stock, administer it through specialised units - Property Management Units in the Districts (ZGN) or the responsible district departments. Should you wish to start your business in Warsaw, be sure to explore the city's range of commercial premises:

  1. Białołęka:
  2. Bielany:
  3. Mokotów:
  4. Ochota:
  5. Praga-Południe:
  6. Praga-Północ:
  7. Śródmieście:
  8. Targówek:
  9. Wawer:
  10. Włochy:
  11. Wola:
  12. Żoliborz:
  13. Rembertów:
  14. Ursus:
  15. Ursynów:
  16. Wilanów:

Trading and market places

Please feel free to explore the Internet service prepared for both buyers and merchants, which includes, among others: a map of Warsaw with the list of locations of stands and market places, useful information for merchants on fees, possible formalities, as well as detailed lists of trading places on permanent markets, one-day markets, specially designated places for door-to-door trading, food fairs and mobile catering stands.

Furthermore, the website provides information on ongoing modernisation and urban planning concepts for the redevelopment of Warsaw's highly popular markets:

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