Breathe, Warsaw! Working together for clean air

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Breathe, Warsaw! Working together for clean air. Fot. E.Lach
Breathe, Warsaw! Working together for clean air. Fot. E.Lach

The measures undertaken by the capital city to improve air quality have been going on for several years in three sectors – transport, ecology, and energy. In the years to come, projects in this field are to receive PLN 16 billion from the city budget.

“In its budget for 2017, Warsaw has allocated over PLN 2 billion for environmental protection. Air protection is our main priority, and will receive PLN 1.1 billion. 120 million is to support projects related to green areas and nature,” Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, said. “This includes expenditures to extend the 2nd line of the metro, purchase low-emission rolling stock for public transport, develop the cycling infrastructure, and provide environmental education.”

Furthermore, City Hall is actively pursuing EU funds for projects connected with the improvement in air quality. The most important projects to obtain EU funding include the extension of the 2nd line of the metro eastwards and westwards (on 9 January 2017 the European Commission approved a PLN 2 bn subsidy), the expansion and construction of new “Park & Go” car parks, the extension of cycling paths in Warsaw, and the 34 neighbouring communes (330 km for nearly PLN 340 million) under the Integrated Local Investment Projects for Mazowsze. This also includes 6 projects prepared with the Veolia Energia Warszawa Company for the construction of 19.8 km of heating network in Wilanów, Ursów, Ursynów, Białołęka, Bemowo, Ochota, and Włochy, and for the redevelopment of the existing infrastructure (a total of 68.4 km in various districts).

At the end of December 2016, the city signed an EU-funding contract for the construction of two parks. A new park in Mokotów will be established at the junction of Puławska and W. Rzymowskiego Streets, around the Służewiecki Pond, over an area exceeding 5.11 ha. The construction works have already started and will include the provision of viewing hills, lanes, lighting, structural landscaping, and vegetation. All in all this will cost around PLN 10 million, with the work scheduled to finish by autumn this year. EU funding is to reach PLN 7 million. The land for the second park, EKOpark in Ursus, is a strip along K. Gierdziejewskiego St., between Warszawska, Czerwona Droga, Wolności and Orłów Piastowskich Streets. Today it covers an unused area of 4.44 ha. The project, costing around PLN 10 million, is set to start in 2018 and will take some two years. EU funding will reach PLN 7 million.