Berlin in Varsovians’ eyes

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Berlin in Varsovians’ eyes
Berlin in Varsovians’ eyes

Can the German capital be a model city for Warsaw? How often do the residents of Warsaw visit Berlin and which modes of transport do they recommend? A survey on this topic was carried out to conclude the celebrations marking the silver jubilee of cooperation between the Polish and German capitals.

Every fifth resident of Warsaw has already been to Berlin; 45 percent of these have visited the city once, and 42 percent two or three times. 7 percent of Varsovians are planning to go to Berlin over the next 12 months, to see their friends or families (34 percent of these), or simply as tourists (33 percent).

More than 30 percent of the respondents prefer to travel to Berlin by car; the same proportion opted for air, and 28 percent would choose train.
Berlin is mostly associated in Warsaw with the Brandenburg Gate (43 percent), the Berlin Wall (39 percent), the Reichstag (16 percent), and the Television Tower (13 percent).

Over one in three respondents said Berlin could serve as a role model for Warsaw, nearly half of whom believed the opposite, and 17 percent had no opinion on this.
According to those who see Berlin as a role model, Warsaw should draw on Germans experience in fields such as multiculturalism (52 percent) and public transport (41 percent).
75 percent of respondents would like Warsaw to cooperate with Berlin in the same way as it does with other capital cities. For 13 percent, the German capital should be the most-important foreign partner of Warsaw.

The survey took place in November 2016 and addressed a representative sample of Warsaw residents in the 15-plus age group (n=1100).
Let's recall that last year both capitals held official events to celebrate the silver jubilee of cooperation between Warsaw and Berlin. This included many interesting performances, exhibitions, conferences, and concerts.