Be a Warsaw tourist guide

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Do you live in Warsaw or know it really well? Do you love showing your foreign guests unusual spots and have dozens of interesting ideas about how to spend your free time? If yes, the Open Warsaw project was made for you. Expats are more than welcome to take part in this event.

This time, The City of Warsaw wants to ask residents about their personal tourist routes: subjective, untypical, off the beaten track. The best milonga dance clubs? Bird watching spots? The craft beer route? Impressive abandoned factories or maybe the most vibrant hipster pubs? The sky is the limit. As for the time, the trips should not take more than 4 hours. Fresh insights from foreigners who have chosen Warsaw to live are especially welcome. The entries due on 13th of July, and the authors of the most interesting routes will became the stars of promotional films.

The Open Warsaw project uses the innovative method of crowdsourcing, which involves communicating with a large number of people to acquire knowledge, opinions and innovative solutions. - We believe that it is citizens themselves who know best where to take tourists and what to show them. We want to escape off the beaten path, make newcomers feel like locals and let them fall in love with Warsaw - say the authors of the project from the Warsaw Tourist Office.

This is the first time that the City of Warsaw has asked for opinions not only from native Varsovians but also from expats, i.e. foreigners living in Warsaw. - They have a unique dual perspective: they are both tourists and residents of the capital. They are in contacts with people from home; they share their experiences and build our brand abroad. They are the best ambassadors of Warsaw - emphasise the authors of the project. The competition will be carried out both in Polish and English.

Until now, the Open Warsaw platform has given residents a chance to give their opinions about their vision of the capital in 2030, manners on the roads, the education of their dreams and suggestions about how to arrange urban space. Many of the ideas, such as open-air libraries and public hammocks and deckchairs, have been implemented. Ideas for unusual tourist routes should be posted on