PKiN again in the colors of Belarus

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The Palace of Culture and Science will be illuminated again today in white, red and white, and an opposition Belarusian flag will appear on the mast of the Warsaw City Hall as a symbol of solidarity with Belarus.

In cooperation with Belarus House and representatives of civil action, Warsaw decided to participate in an international initiative for free and democratic elections in Belarus.

Warsaw supports Belarus and disapproves of violations of human rights and democracy! Therefore, together with other cities around the world, on 26 August we will convey our international solidarity to the Belarusians at that crucial moment for them! - this is how the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, announced that the capital city would participate in the campaign.


Under this initiative, on 26 August, we will again illuminate the Palace of Culture and Science in white, red and white - the colours of the Belarusian flag, a symbol of the opposition. In this way, Warsaw will again demonstrate clearly that it does not tolerate violations of human and civil rights. The Palace has already been illuminated in white and red and white once, on 9 August, the day of the elections in Belarus.

Belarusian Flag on the City Hall Building

Also on 26 August, at 4 pm, on the initiative of the Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, an opposition Belarusian flag will be hoisted on a mast at the City Hall in the Bankowy Square. The district councils have also been invited to attend.

Graphics showing Warsaw's support for Belarus are displayed on public transport. “On Facebook we have made available a special plug-in that can be used by everyone to manifest their opposition to the violation of the law in our eastern neighbourhood,” says the Mayor of Warsaw.

“Each and every gesture of solidarity is extremely important to the Belarusian people. We must not be unconcerned, but support and help our neighbours at this crucial moment in the history of their country. Even in a symbolic way,” calls Rafał Trzaskowski.

The initiative will be joined by Prague, Bratislava and Budapest - cities closely cooperating with Warsaw and with whom it has established the Pact of Free Cities. These capitals will also place Belarusian flags at their official premises.

The Mayor of Warsaw and the city mayors have also published a common standpoint (full text attached):

“We, the Pact of Free Cities, are in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrators in Belarus and strongly condemn the unacceptable violence by state authorities. The future of Belarus must belong to the people of Belarus and not to Europe’s last dictator. We therefore urge the EU to review its policy towards Belarus and to introduce appropriate measures against those responsible for the harsh repression.”

This is not the first time that Warsaw is demonstrating solidarity with other nations. After the tragic explosion in Beirut, the Palace of Culture and Science was illuminated in the colours of Lebanon.