Cinema straight from Asia in Warsaw

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Five exceptionally strong festival sections: a retrospective of masterpieces by Taiwanese master Edward Yang, Hong Kong cinematography from the last 25 years, Japanese films to put people into good mood, New Asia Cinema and Asian Cinerama, i.e. the films of masters. The stationary edition of the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival (PL- Azjatycki Festiwal Filmowy Pięciu Smaków) will begin on Wednesday and last until November 23.

This year's schedule includes popular cinema, avant-garde and auteur projects, as well as socially engaged films. This allows the event to becomes a space for confronting the imagination of authors and audiences, discovering Asian pop culture, discussing art, politics and the modern world's challenges. The programme includes a review of six masterpieces by Edward Yang, the master of the Taiwanese New Wave, whose films have had a huge impact on contemporary auteur cinema, but have never before been shown in Polish movie theatres.

New Sections in the Programme

Japan Feel-Good is a section that encourages you to slow down and forget your woes. It will feature eight films, all intended to ensure the well-being of the audiences. A special event will be the screenings of the cult classic comedy - "Funky Forest". The section will also feature spots for renowned directors, including Satoko Yokohama, who in her film "Ito" shows local flavour and sisterly solidarity.

On to the Hong Kong Section. Cinema of the transformation period includes the best films made in Hong Kong after 1997, i.e. after the city was transferred under Chinese administration. These are both exciting gangster movies and modest, brilliant dramas. Their common denominator is change and a sense of inevitably fleeing time.

New, bold forms or big cinema?

The New Asia Cinema and Asian Cinerama are permanent highlights of the Five Flavours programme. On the one hand, they feature an artistic search for talented artists, still working for international recognition, on the other – attractive, high-budget hits and the works of already renowned masters. These opposite poles of Asian cinema share one thing in common – high quality of execution.

The festival will be accompanied by a unique People's Jury project, in which not industry professionals, but rather passionate and energetic cinema enthusiasts will evaluate the films shown during the festival, and decide which of the showcased titles will receive the Grand Prix. This year, the organisers invited Asian cinema enthusiasts from all over Europe to Warsaw.

The program's five sections are not all that the organizers have to offer. As each year, the audience can get their hands on the festival magazine and listen to podcasts, which perfectly complement the home and cinema screenings. Traditionally, there are also planned meetings with artists, and the screenings will be preceded by expert lectures – both in the theatre and online.


You can find more information at The festival is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.