Another day nursery in Warsaw

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A new day nursery on S. Fiszera Street in Rembertów. Fot. R.Motyl
A new day nursery on S. Fiszera Street in Rembertów. Fot. R.Motyl

On Thursday, 17th November, during the meeting of the Warsaw City Council, day nursery No. 55 will be established. This means that in January 2017, a new day nursery will be opened on S. Fiszera Street in Rembertów, ready to take in 150 children.

The construction, installation and developmental works on the new nursery have finished. The technical acceptance period are starting. The furniture and equipment are being provided. It is planned to be commissioned for use in mid-December 2016. At that time the enrolment process will also commence. The project’s cost is PLN 5 million.

There will be twice as many places in the nurseries

Each year there are more available places in day nurseries due to new establishments, “the day care” system (27 caregivers look after 135 children) and enrolment in private day care nurseries. At present we can offer 6300 places for the youngest generation of Varsovians. This is twice as many as in 2006. Over the period of ten years, 26 day-care nurseries, including 10 mini-nurseries, were founded in Warsaw. By 2018 there will be 2300 more places, as e.g. 17 day-care nurseries will be founded.