An appeal to the residents of Warsaw

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An appeal to the residents of Warsaw.Fot. R.Motyl
An appeal to the residents of Warsaw.Fot. R.Motyl

The 72nd Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. An appeal to the residents of Warsaw

We would like to ask Warsaw residents to commemorate the events that took place 72 years ago with a minute’s silence, as they do every year on 1 August at the “W” hour.

The insurgents overcame many hardships. The first one was the struggle, and many had to pay the ultimate price. Then, there was the post-War period, in which they were persecuted, humiliated and imprisoned, to deny the historical truth for the benefit of the government of that time. In free Poland they were returned to due respect and glory. The first of August is their holiday, which is intended to give them an opportunity to reflect on the road they walked, and to allow us to express our gratitude for the values they have saved for us.

On 1st August at 5.00 pm sirens will be heard throughout the capital city. We would like to urge you to stop for a while and direct your thoughts towards those who 72 years ago fought for 63 days for our city and freedom. Let’s all celebrate the memory of heroes in peace and in pursuit of reconciliation.

Zbigniew Galperyn                     Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz               Leszek Żukowski
Deputy President                                Mayor                                       President
of the Association of Warsaw             of Warsaw                     of the World Association of
Insurgents                                                                               Home Army Soldiers

Warsaw, 27th July 2016