An anniversary that moved both Earth and Sky

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 the Compernicus Science Centre.Fot.Z.Panów
the Compernicus Science Centre.Fot.Z.Panów

Five years ago, on 5 November 2010, Warsaw experienced “The Big Bang” by the Vistula River – an opening show which inaugurated the Compernicus Science Centre, a cultural institution that is today the greatest science centre in Poland, recognized and renowned not only in our country, but also abroad.

Since then, the Centre has received over 5 million visitors, which places it in the first ten most frequented centres in the world, including China and the United States. Apart from its programme activity, focused on the institution’s offer, the Centre is also the site of various additional events related to education and science communication, as well as numerous science-inspired artistic projects.

The fifth anniversary of the Copernicus Science Centre was celebrated on Thursday, 5 November, with the inauguration of a free of charge and generally accessible exhibition “Look: there’s the Earth!” The exhibition, located in the Planetarium Heavens of Copernicus, gives the opportunity to look at our planet from the astronauts’ point of view and learn the capabilities of the devices that work for us in the orbit.

We are also hopeful of the changes initiated in the Copernicus Centre, partially resulting from the institution’s new statute, adopted by its Promotors: the Capital City of Warsaw and the National Treasury, represented by the Minister of National Education and the Minister of Science and Higher Education. It was not a coincidence that the document was adopted at the beginning of November 2015. The institution, which is of great importance to the Polish education and science, will be offered new paths for further development for the realization of new local, national and international goals. The attendance and programme success that the Copernicus Science Centre has achieved in the last five years allows to formulate new ambitious objectives, make use of its educational potential to rise the standard of education throughout Poland, and develop the Centre’s research-and-development activities by creating its own exhibits and educational aids, as well as conducting studies, especially on the cognitive processes and the science capital.

It is evident that the Copernicus Centre is a “five-star institution”!
We would like to congratulate and thank the president of Copernicus Science Centre, Mr Robert Firmhofer, associated with the institution from its very beginnings, as well as the entire Copernicus team. They have repeatedly proven their charisma, professionalism, open-mindedness and resourcefulness, always looking for new ways to surprise the visitors and provide them with a wonderful experience of participating in an inspiring knowledge adventure in the Centre and discovering new faces of science, regardless of the spectator’s age.

The Compernicus Science Centre.Fot.PZ Studio