All Saints’ Day – information

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Warsaw residents strolling between graves at the Powązki Cemetery

On the last weekend of October and on All Saints’ Day, traffic arrangements will change near Warsaw’s necropolises. Public transport will be prioritised, and some streets will be made into makeshift car parks.

Major changes will be made to traffic arrangements near cemeteries. Some streets will be closed to private car traffic and open only for public transport, taxis and holders of “H” (business owners), “T” (people with disabilities, employees of institutions located on the given street and residents) and “M” (municipal and state services, diplomatic posts) identifiers issued by the Municipal Roads Authority. Parking restrictions will be imposed along streets, and special car parks will be designated. The Police will direct the traffic.


These new arrangements will apply to areas around the following cemeteries:

  • Bródno Cemetery
  • Powązki Military Cemetery
  • Northern Cemetery and Wawrzyszew Cemetery
  • Rembertów and Marysin Cemetery
  • Wola Cemetery
  • Wilanów Cemetery
  • Służew Cemetery
  • Czerniaków Cemetery