Additional money for the capital police officers

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Additional money for the capital police officers
Additional money for the capital police officers

The City Council decided on allocating from the capital budget PLN 5.2 million for payment of over-standard service and prizes for officers from the Police Headquarters in Warsaw.

Over-standard service are police patrols performed optionally, beyond regular working hours. They enable additional presence of uniformed officers, e.g. at endangered places, selected thanks to statistics, but also often indicated by the inhabitants as necessary to be covered by the police supervision.

The selection of places of performing over-standard service is defined on the basis of the safety analysis in a neighborhood,  as part of the "Safe housing estate" program of the Office of Safety and Crisis Management of the City of Warsaw. The designated regions of performing over-standard service are verified on a current basis in terms of the needs, but also the effectiveness of any actions.

Additional patrols on Warsaw streets are necessary and justified. In the last year, the police officers of the Police Headquarters in Warsaw under 22 thousand services such stopped 147 perpetrators, identified 69 555 people, informed 22 542 person and fined 23 064 people.

Additional patrols in this year will also be necessary to ensure safety in the capital city during international events such as the NATO summit, World Youth Day (approx. 60 thousand pilgrims aiming to meet the pope in Kraków plan to visit Warsaw) or Tour de Pologne.

It should also be remembered that numerous events and demonstrations are held in the capital city. In 2015,660 mass events were organized and on streets 870 public gatherings were held.

In 2016, for over-standard service PLN 4.4 million will be allocated, and police officers with distinctive service will receive, as every year, financial awards – for this purpose the amount of PLN 800 000 was reserved (PLN 300 thousand more than in the previous year).