Active old-age pensioners

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Active old-age pensioners. Fot. R.Motyl
Active old-age pensioners. Fot. R.Motyl

The “Nowolipie” Intergenerational Activity Centre (CAM) has launched its Career Centre for Senior Citizens. This is in response to the needs of both companies looking for employees and the elderly themselves, who wish to return to work and bring with them their experience and potential.

Today, we’re launching a new initiative for active senior citizens because there are a lot of such people in Warsaw. We’re opening a career centre specifically for them,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw during a press conference at “Nowolipie” CAM. “In Warsaw, the unemployment rate is very low. We want senior citizens, who want to continue to be professionally active, to be able to find a job here.”

European statistics show that Poland has one of the lowest employment rates for persons at retirement age (46%), while in Denmark and Norway this is 70-80% (Eurostat data). Warsaw is the largest job market in Poland. The City takes action to facilitate the social inclusion and integration of senior citizens with other age groups, with employment support for the elderly being its priority. Staying professionally active on retirement helps pensioners maintain self-sufficiency across all areas of their lives.
There are also other reasons to provide such support for the elderly, and to encourage them to become active members of the job market. With the unemployment rate in Warsaw being as low as 1.3%, it is a must to look for new employees also among those people who have recently retired.

Statistics show that, within the next 30 years, the number of people at retirement age will grow significantly. This nationwide trend can also be seen in Warsaw, where by 2050 there will be 500,000 old-age pensioners per million working-age residents. One way to counteract this trend is to hire the elderly.

Today, for many companies age management is a necessity arising from unfavourable demographic developments. Investing in senior employees, and transferring knowledge between generations, have helped create many great teams, which welcome solutions that respond to the needs of people from all age groups. Older people can offer industry insights and everyday wisdom to support their younger colleagues, while younger staff often support their older workmates by helping them develop digital competence and acting as their guides in the world of new technologies and solutions.

In recent years, not only older people have become valuable candidates for employment, but also employers have become more socially aware and deliberate in allowing for more diversity in their workforce. Supporting old-age employment and opening up opportunities for the creative and professional involvement of the elderly is one of the goals to be pursued by the City as part of its 2030 Growth Strategy.

The first such place in Warsaw
The Career Centre for Senior Citizens is a new place in Warsaw, where old-age pensioners can find job offers tailored specifically to them. They will also receive assistance as they look and apply for jobs, while employers will benefit from a supply of well-qualified candidates.
By supporting both groups, the City provides the elderly with opportunities to stay on the job market longer and earn more, while employers stand a better chance of finding experienced workforce.

Representatives of employers have become actively involved in the City’s efforts to make older persons more professionally active, and to tap into their potential and experience. In order to develop, the Career Centre for Senior Citizens requires ongoing cooperation with employers, who are to supply job offers for this group of people.
Institutions which are interested in such cooperation now include the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and Przedsiębiorcy Mazowsza (Mazowsze Entrepreneurs). Each of these has declared that it would take action to employ pensioners.