A special bus for people in homelessness crisis

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Author: Urząd Miasta Warszawy

It is especially in autumn and winter that people in homelessness crisis need a place where they can warm themselves, get a hot drink and receive social support. This is why the City of Warsaw is about to launch a special bus line – Mobile Counselling Point. The bus will run every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm until the end of April 2022.

On the bus, people in homelessness crisis will not only get a cup of hot tea and sandwiches, but also help from specialists from non-governmental organizations. Those in need will have an opportunity to talk about their problems, receive support in dealing with official matters or learn about venues that provide help. The streetworkers' task is also to help people in homelessness crisis become more active and encourage them to make life changes – on the bus they can have their ID photo taken, official documents filled or a mobile phone charged. These are often the first steps leading to a new stage in life.

The bus route starts at Dworzec Wschodni (eastern railway and bus station) and continues through Szembeka Square, Samochodowa Street, Dworzec Zachodni (western railway and bus station), Zawiszy Square, Warszawa Centralna Railway Station, City Centre, Krucza Street, Józefa Poniatowskiego Bridge, Starzyńskiego Roundabout, R. Traugutta Park, Niska Street, Sowińskiego Street, the Wola City Hall, Nowolipki Street and Kapitulna Street. The stops will be located in the vicinity of points offering assistance to the needy, i.e. eating houses, baths, heating rooms or night shelters.

The Mobile Counselling Centre has been in Warsaw since 2019 and is financed by the Capital City of Warsaw. It is part of the project called "Warsaw streetworking and counselling – a social-assistance programme for people in homelessness crisis" under an agreement between the Capital City of Warsaw and the Social Assistance and Intervention Association, the Towarzystwo Pomocy im. św. Brata Alberta Koło Warszawa-Praga, society, the Mokotów St. Cross Hospice, Monar Association, Open Door Association and Caritas of the Warsaw Archdiocese.

The bus will run daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. All services provided by the Mobile Counselling Centre are free of charge. Detailed information can be found on MCC (Mobile Counselling Centre).