A Record-breaking "Summer in the City"

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A Record-breaking
A Record-breaking "Summer in the City".

This year's "Summer in the City" has achieved a record-breaking number of participants. The first estimates show that over 25 000 young residents of Warsaw benefitted from the activities included in Warsaw's holiday programme. In addition, the success of the "Summer" was confirmed by the results of a survey carried out among the participants.

“In general, I enjoyed everything”, replied a 10-year-old participant in the "Summer in the City" from Targówek to the question "Which activities did you like the least, and why?"
Children taking part in the "Summer in the City" activities were asked to fill in an anonymous questionnaire consisting of 16 questions.

This year's programme turned out to be a success in terms of the number of participants. Every day (apart from Saturdays and Sundays), approximately 7000 Warsaw's pupils took part in the activities prepared for them within the "Summer in the City" 2016 programme.

During the holiday, as many as 19 808 young Warsaw residents attended classes in summer education institutions. There were 17 940 participants in 2015, and in 2014 - only 14558. The data prove that "Summer in the City" is gaining in popularity and parents’ trust.

This year, the pupils had the opportunity to attend 132 summer education institutions (WPE). In 2015, there were 133 of these institutions, and two years ago – 128. In total, all the institutions recorded 186 300 visits, which means that on average over 3900 children attended those places each day. Respectively, 168 997 visits were recorded in 2015, and in 2014 – 136 594 visits.

The children attending these summer education institutions could not complain that they were bored. A broad range of sports, cultural and education classes was prepared for them. The older children and teenagers had the chance to benefit from 711 classes and workshops, as well as from an extensive range of activities provided by Warsaw's sports and leisure centres (70 facilities). NGOs joined this year's programme, carrying out 19 projects.
The estimated costs of implementing the programme amounted to PLN 7 million. The sum includes both resources spent by the offices of the City of Warsaw, districts and sports centres.