A new theatre in town

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A new theatre in town. Fot. R.Motyl
A new theatre in town. Fot. R.Motyl

Soon the Nowy Teatr International Cultural Centre will be opened. It is an institution that has the potential to become a cultural landmark of Warsaw, a place for social interactions, a public space for sharing experiences, and a relaxation spot during city tours.

“The transformation of a post-industrial space, located in the Warsaw district of Mokotów, into an artistic stronghold, is very symbolic. I am confident that its originators are capable of turning this place into a grand artistic space.” - said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw. “The Centre’s operations fit perfectly into the adopted “Cultural Development Programme in Warsaw until 2020. City and Citizens”. The project of citizen activation using the building's open space, as well as the creation of children and youth halls, are also invaluable. Both of them, yet again, are investments in the future generations of art consumers, without whom it cannot exist.” - added the Mayor.


The Nowy Teatr is a cultural centre supporting artistic and social activities aiming to find new means of communication. The Nowy Teatr hosts theatrical performances (including the productions of Krzysztof Warlikowski – the Artistic Director), recurring events (workshops and interdisciplinary activities), one-time events (exhibitions, concerts, interventions into the urban space), national and international festivals (the musical installations festival “Instalakcje”), educational events (debates, lectures, publications), social events (Nowy Targ). Some of the productions hosted by the Nowy Teatr are co-produced with other national and international partners.
The key feature of the Nowy Teatr is its multidisciplinary character, presenting high art in an unexpected space or arrangement. The activities of the theatre are oriented towards creative participation. It will be open the whole year after repair works on the hall are concluded. The new life of the Nowy Teatr involves producing a creative resource for citizens’ activation aimed at the residents of the Mokotów district and Warsaw based on the local philosophy that every thinking individual is a creative person.


The construction of the Nowy Teatr International Cultural Centre is, in fact, a modernisation and adaptation for the needs of the cultural and educational programme of a historic workshop and administration building, as well as the development of the surrounding area belonging to the Nowy Teatr at ul. Madalińskiego 10/16. The Centre will be adapted to the needs of disabled individuals as far as possible.
The most important part of the investment was the revitalisation of a hall with an area of approx. 2800 sq. m. The architectural form of the building remained unchanged due to its historic value. The hall, which until 2012 was used for the maintenance purposes of machinery and vehicles of the City Sanitation Department, has been transformed into a multifunctional space for performances of various types and scales. Due to the installation of ceiling hooks, shrewd placement of technological connections, and mobile audience with seats for approx. 400 people, it will be possible to adjust the placement of the stage and seats for the purposes of a given performance or artistic action. The theatre hall bears a closer resemblance to a film studio than a traditional theatre.

In the hall, aside from the stage, is a rehearsal room, a two-storey backstage area (dressing rooms, make-up rooms) and technical support facilities, with a handy storeroom and a spacious foyer. The flexibility in the adjustment of the stage and the audience allows the simultaneous use of the space – one area of the hall can host a performance, the next one an exhibition and another one preparations for a concert. The rebuilt connecting passageway between the hall and the administration building constitutes the main entrance from the Madalińskiego Street, open all the year round.