A new school year in Warsaw

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A new school year in Warsaw
A new school year in Warsaw

230 thousand pupils and 26 thousand teachers began a new school year on the 1st of September. New facilities are emerging in the capital city, and the existing ones are being modernised and renovated in order to provide the best possible conditions for education of the young residents of Warsaw.

“We are trying to create the most favourable conditions for learning. Implementing various programmes, we support talented students, and invest in teaching staff, new buildings, and teaching aids. I believe that ten years of working for the benefit of education in Warsaw is reflected in the achievements of children and young people”, said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Mayor of Warsaw.

Investments and renovation works
Warsaw invests in education - each year approximately a fifth of the city's budget is allocated to education expenditures. We have built 14 schools and 25 pre-schools since 2007, and 500 facilities have been modernised or renovated. The City allocated PLN 2.8 billion for that purpose between 2007 and 2015.
By the year 2020, there will be 19 schools and 26 pre-schools built, resulting in 10 thousand new places in schools and 4.5 thousand places in pre-schools.
This year the City of Warsaw and district offices have allotted PLN 98.5 million for renovation works. It is a record-breaking amount. To compare - in 2015 the costs of renovation works amounted to PLN 67.4 million.  The works were carried out in 350 schools, preschools, counselling centres and out-of-school education institutions. The works involved simple tasks like painting and floor replacements and also renovations of pitches to the most complex ones like the replacement of electrical fittings.

Warsaw's schools are leaders in the rankings
Warsaw's secondary schools have been achieving excellent results in the rankings of the "Perspektywy" education portal for the last six years. In total, the secondary schools in the capital city have been in the group of top ten schools 22 times for the last six years. Our schools perform better each year, from 3 secondary schools in the top 10 in 2011, to five secondary schools in 2016. The overall picture is even better as far as final exams ranking is concerned, as Warsaw's secondary schools were ranked in the group of top ten schools 37 times out of 60 possible places in the years 2011-2016. Progress was noted in this case, as there were 4 Warsaw's secondary schools in the top 10 in 2011, and in 2016 - 7 secondary schools. There were years in which Warsaw's secondary school was not ranked the highest, which is not currently the case.

We will now protect schools and tenants
 The so-called small reprivatisation act prepared by the City of Warsaw will be in force as of 17 September 2016.  The law provides regulations for the disposal of claims, gives the city the right of pre-emption for the purchase of claims on real property, and, last but not least, its provisions facilitate the protection of over 12 thousand tenants and the dismissing of claims on real property where, e.g., schools or pre-schools, are situated. This provision pertains to real property for the use of residents, including schools, pre-schools, nursing homes, education facilities, and cultural institutions. “Thanks to this, around 100 schools and pre-schools will be automatically rendered exempt from the claims. They will still be used according to their intended function”, stressed Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, The Mayor of Warsaw.