A new day nursery in the Bielany District

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A new day nursery in the Bielany District
A new day nursery in the Bielany District

A new day nursery in Wawrzyszew was opened at the beginning of December and is currently attended by 150 children. Adaptation days are currently in progress there. Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, has paid a visit to the children, their parents, and carers.

Providing nursery care for the youngest Varsovians is among my top priorities. Starting from September, the municipal day nurseries will be providing care free of charge. I will prepare drafts of resolutions implementing the new rules - if there will be no place in a public day nursery for a child, then the City will help the parents cover the costs of placement in a private day nursery, regardless of the parents’ financial standing,” said Rafał Trzaskowski during a meeting with parents at the new day nursery. “At the same time, I will work on streamlining the programme of increasing the number of municipal day nurseries. In 2019 we will start the planning process for new day nurseries.

Day nursery at Tołstoja Street

Starting from December, 150 children, divided into five groups, have been enrolled to a day nursery in the Bielany District at 2 Tołstoja Street. Now adaptation classes are in progress, thanks to which the children get accustomed to the new place and carers in the presence of a loved one. Starting from January another group of 30 children will be enrolled and the facility will provide care to 180 children.

A psychologist is overseeing the adaptation process and the correct development of children. The day nursery has spacious and colourful rooms for each group as well as a common play room, including, among others, a magical carpet and toys supporting the psychomotor and cognitive development of children. Children can also enjoy a playground and a room with distorting mirrors. The day nursery is heated up by ground source heat pumps. The total project cost is PLN 9 million.

Providing care to the youngest Varsovians

In 2006 Warsaw day nurseries could admit 3156 children. Now more than 7.8 thousand children are enrolled in municipal and private day nurseries, co-financed by the City, or with day carers.

Since 2006 we have built 41 day nurseries and more will be completed soon. Next year we plan to open 6 new day nurseries: two in the Ursynów District, and one in the Wesoła, Wilanów, Ursus and Wola District.
We pay for the placement of 352 children in private day nurseries and employ 27 day carers, who provide care to 135 children. Soon we will announce the result of procedure for co-financing approx. 120 places for children in non-public day nurseries. We have already allotted PLN 22 m for financing care in non-public day nurseries in the 2018-2021 period.